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Why do most startups fail?
How to avoid some costly mistakes

A startup can go under for a variety of reasons. While founders can stand around and point fingers at each other, attribute it to forces outside of their control, or just blame bad luck. The reality is that startup failure is a refusal to acknowledge problems until the ship is already sinking.

The reality of the situation is you are more likely to fail than you are to succeed. If you’re defining startup failure as the inability to deliver on the projected ROI, then 95% of startups are failures.


  • Israel Startup Ecosystem. Macro numbers, the economy, innovation trends, workforce characteristics, and costs.

  • The effects of the Judicial Reform on the Start-up Nation Brand.  

  • Find a Job in Israel !: Tips on how to search for a Job in Israel startup ecosystem. This section is suitable for professional Olim. (*optional)


  • Main reasons why startups fail in numbers, key issues and challenges

  • Case Study # 1: A startup in the retail-tech & ecommerce space with a large seed funding round that had an amazingly promising application & deep technology,  but nevertheless failed leading to Chapter 11.  Why?

  • Case Study # 2:  Look into the future of smart cities and learn a case study of a startup in Artificial Intelligence using big data , IOT, and machine learning to service cities.  What are the challenges ahead  for a startup in this space?

  • How to avoid some costly mistakes made by most first-time entrepreneurs, and save precious time and money

  • Why do most startup's fail?

  • Understand the factors that can lead to failure of a startup

  • Final Tips for how to avoid startup failure

Duration:  60 - 90 Minute Presentation    (English, Spanish, French, Hebrew)

Igal Elon Chemerinski

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Born in  Buenos Aires, educated in North America , and based in the heart of Tel Aviv,  Igal brings more 25 + years of global sales and management experience in Israeli startups across multiple technologies.  Vast commercial experience in numerous territories and verticals including Cyber, Automotive, Fintech, AI, SaaS, eLearning , Industry Automation, Healthcare, Retail Tech, Cloud, and Mobile. High energy, motivated, and “hunter” by heart.  Worked extensively in Latin America,  North America, Apac and LATAM.  Fluent in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Hebrew


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